This may be updated before the workshop.

A short presentation (lightning talk) on an exciting topic. One of the world café tables at a previous workshop.
Examples for the interactive parts of the workshop: a short lightning talk (left) and a world café table in the middle of a discussion (right).

Before the Conference

Before the conference, participants will receive a welcoming message containing an introduction to the workshop.

At the Workshop

The workshop schedule is outlined in the sidebar table. We begin with a brief introduction (Welcome). We then set the stage and ask participants to identify three main reasons that make it difficult to explore or develop inclusive interactions between AVs and VRUs, using an online tool like Mentimeter. The results will be displayed throughout the workshop to stimulate discussions.

The main part starts with mini tutorials: two speakers will each give a presentation on eHMIs and inclusive design. This part will give a general overview of these topics to ensure that all participants are familiar with them. We will then split into four to six groups (depending on attendance) to discuss selected topics in a World Café format [34]. The groups discuss a topic at one table for twenty minutes before moving on to the next topic. In this way, ideas are disseminated across tables. The topics of the World Café can be changed to better reflect the interests of the participants and the adopted position papers. Currently, we plan the following topics:

  1. Why are we not seeing more studies on inclusive eHMIs (and what can we do about it)?,
  2. Which (novel) methods are needed to research, design, and develop inclusive eHMIs?,
  3. How can we better include people with cognitive, motor, or other kinds of disabilities in the design process?,
  4. What are the major characteristics of an inclusive eHMI? Pick any of the existing eHMI concepts and suggest how it could be re-designed to ensure inclusiveness,
  5. What cultural aspects should be taken into account when designing eHMIs?, and
  6. What are the future research opportunities when it comes to inclusive eHMI? Describe your “dream” study!

After the first two World Café rounds, participants present their accepted position papers as lightning talks. The time per presentation depends on the number of accepted papers. We will then have a break where participants will have the opportunity to socialize, deepen discussions, watch the South Korean traffic for inspiration or simply regain some energy. Inspired by the lightning rounds and discussions during the break, the World Café will continue. In the last round, participants have the additional task of summarizing the most important points of their current table.

After the last World Café session, participants will summarize the main takeaways per table (Table summaries). This already prepares the wrap-up of the workshop, where we will discuss where to publish the results and how we can collaborate in the future.